There are several reasons why I believe this endeavor is import.

We are losing too much first hand information to the sands of time. People move away, memories fade, and yes, people pass away. I think it’s important to record and archive their stories, their accomplishments, their wins and losses. It’s been said that we should learn from our past. We can only do that if we can access it.

Not everyone has a press agent. Sure, we’ve all heard the story of Fred Smith and FedEx. We’ve read and listened to stories of Danny Thomas and St Jude. Those are both great stories and deserved to be told. But what about the man who has spent 60 plus years at the same job and witnessed 6 decades of events, progress, heartbreak and success? Or the woman who had a minor role in a major event? Those stories need to be heard as well.

Recognition and acknowledgement is important. The people I interview are generally humble and not looking for kudos. They lived their life, lived their story, and are content with how they made it this far. They don’t necessarily think what they’ve done was all that big of a deal – but it is, and I want to tell that story.

No sensationalism, no ‘gotcha’ stories, just good conversations with the people who made, and are making, Memphis a great city to live in and to be from. Join me.